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Home of the 1949 Little League World Series Champions and the Oldest Chartered Little League in NJ!

Board Members

Brandon WatsonPresident[email protected]
Matt PeekeVice President of Baseball[email protected]
Rita BlackVice President of Softball/Secretary[email protected]
Rob Comunale
Treasurer[email protected]
Mark BianchiniFields and Grounds[email protected]
Russell DustmanFields and Grounds[email protected]
Chris EzziPlayer Agent[email protected]
James BordaSafety Officer[email protected]
Dave CappuccioBoys Majors Division Rep[email protected] 
John MassarelliBoard Member[email protected]
Sheryl DelGozzoGirls Softball Minors Division Rep[email protected]
Lauren RitzGirls Softball Majors and Seniors Division Rep[email protected]
Jim BaglivoBoys Triple A Division Rep[email protected]
Lee ThompsonBoys Single A Division Rep[email protected] 
Joe CarruoloProbationary Board Member[email protected]
Jeff LeachTee Ball Division Rep[email protected] 
 Amy HegganProbationary Board Member[email protected]
 Brian BoscoProbationary Board Member[email protected]